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Eliot | Maine

Eliot, an old New England town with a rural landscape is ideally located along the northern shore of the Piscataqua River. Eliot was once a part of Kittery known as the Upper Parish but incorporated as an independent town in 1810. Eliot has its own unique style with many fine examples of New England architecture among its homes and public buildings. Buildings of historical interest include the William Fogg Library, the William Fogg House, the Dr. Willis Homestead (1725) and the 1768 Libby Home, a former roadside tavern. Most of the beautiful, natural features of the town are still intact and the citizens of Eliot acknowledge their good fortune to have inherited such a beautiful environment and often express their sense of responsibility to preserve it. In 1985, Eliot Artist Jules Weyers designed the town seal in conjunction with Eliot's 175th anniversary celebration. The seal's images encompass much of the town's history, including shipbuilding, brick making, fishing and farming. The five oars represent the town's five Selectmen.